Two favourite sweaters of mine: “Skagen” in two different colour schemes. Design by Sandnes Garn (TEMA 51 NORSKE IKONER) and yarn Sandnes SMART, 100% wool, gauge 22 st/10 cm.

I liked the pattern so much that I made two for my grandsons, too, who are 3 and 5 respectively. Pattern and design also by Sandnes Garn (TEMA 59 NORSKE IKONER TIL VOKSNE OG BARN) and this time I used Sandnes SISU as yarn, which is a lot thinner: gauge 26-28st/10 cm.

Vague plans to do a third one in the future in different colours: coal grey, light grey and bright red. We’ll see how that goes, there are so many other patterns I have in mind, as well. The one drawback with the pattern is that there are so many threads to weave in afterwards… And that’s the part of knitting I like the least!

Skagen fix und fertig Skagen Nr 2 Skagen x 2

Alpaca – So Soft & So Warm…

One of my favourite materials to work in – Alpaca. Here a collage of some of my Alpaca sweaters and cardigans, all in Drops Alpaca.

Alpaca2 - small

Drops Alpaca comes in lots of beautiful shades and if they’re not enough, it can easily be combined with Mini Alpakka from Sandnesgarn.no, which , however, is more expensive.

I tend to buy yarn in bulk when they’re on sale which happens about twice a year when we’re talking about Drops Alpaca: November-December -25% and May -35%. So even though my Alpaca stash looks like this at the moment…

alpaca1 small

… I’m awaiting a new order of lots and lots of yarn as it is that favourite time of year for yarn shopping – May.

Here you can see the Alpaca garments individually:

  1. “Nancy” (Sandnes Garn)



3. “Rygja” (Sandnes Garn)


4. Seven sorts / Sju slag by Vanja Blix Langsrud


5. Free pattern in Norwegian from Gjestal.no




7. Elidakofta


8. – 9.

Number 8 is a modification of Ventetid by Kristin Wiola Ødegård


Now I’ve got to run down to the yarn store – just got the message that my yarn has arrived \o/.

Knitting, knitting as if my life depended on it… Just kidding ;)

But there has been a lot of knitting involved in the last two years. Sweaters and cardigans in droves:


Baby garments as I’ve become both a maternal and a paternal grandma:

Baby Setesdal Oliver

Baby Telemark Oliver

Babydress3Elefant Baby


Even dozens of new handknitted socks have found their way into my drawers even though I actually hate knitting socks…