Finally I got down to finish these two…

This simple oversize sweater in the cotton quality of Mandarin Grande from Sandnes Garn had to wait for a year until it got its finish. Happy with the result and wonder why it had to wait for so long…

Mandarin Grande

The second one really needed to get its right shape by hanging on a hanger for a year. I used Katia Lino for it and at the time I was so displeased with it I seriously thought of throwing it into the trash can when it got its last stitches and I tried it out. But a year and a few crochet stitches around the neck lining made it into a garment I’m happy to wear.

Katia Lino


“NORD” by #sandnesgarn

A year ago I knitted an orange/pink sweater for my granddaughter, and it turned out great despite my initial misgivings.


When I saw her wearing it, hopping and skipping happily beside her father, I totally fell in love with the colour combination and thought I might want to have something similar myself. At home I went through my enormous yarn stash and thought I perhaps the Peer Gynt (100% wool) would do even though I didn’t have any in bright orange or pink. The closest shades I could come up with would be golden ochra and light lilac. Grave misgivings all throught the knitting, but when I came near the end I was surprised to see how well the colours worked together.

Judge for yourselves!


And the finished piece? Absolutely satisfactory, if  I may say so myself!