A Very Short Post on A Simple Chart for the Simple Verb Tenses

So, does she never teach any grammar, just play with fun stuff like videos and word games? you probably ask by now.

Yes, I do  teach grammar, but less and less the older and wiser (?) I get. But when I do I’m trying to concentrate on the really important stuff, and disregard minor aspects. Also, I find that a lot of grammar can be learnt through lexis and vocabulary, and using authentic material whenever possible, there really is no need for pure prepositional work, for instance.

Verbs are important, though, but here too I try to be as simplistic as I can, and avoid “grammar talk” if possible. Graphs and visuals, I think, work better than long verbal explanations. One thing I do require my students to recognize and to use correctly is the simple verb tenses. And this is my basic chart for those: Web

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