Rolf Palmberg’s tools for language teachers

Rolf Palmberg, long-time friend and mentor, always has a lot of useful hands-on teaching tools and ideas in his toolbox, and even though he has retired now from his post as a teacher of EFL methodology at Åbo Akademi University, his website is always worth a visit. He has done loads of presentations at conferences all over the world and is an expert at coming up with practical  ideas for the language classroom regarding Gardner’s multiple intelligences. Complicated verbal riddles with a subtle tinge of humour are his speciality.

His interests and passions include mathematics and geographic “oddities”, like enclaves and such – but many of his ideas here work in the language classroom as well. Go visit and get inspired!

This link might not be the most up-to-date (last updated in December 2012) but is a well of practical, versatile tools: – especially the links to worksheet generators get me going!

And don’t forget to take up on his offer of free downloads!

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