Random thoughts on media and a fledgling idea

After having worked all day on an expansion of the Environmental Collocations idea I wrote about yesterday into a multi-level gamified learning entity, I finally decided to call it a day, as I realized that I would not be able to finish the whole thing today anyway.


So I got myself some icecream and fresh strawberries, logged on to the RSCON 2014 web conference, let my thoughts run free while still listening to an interesting panel discussion on “Mind Blowing Media“. Also, I tried to evaluate myself and my own way of working  and creating media. I’ve seen amazing things this summer of what other English language teachers around the world are doing, and usually when I see how others deal with stuff for classes, my first thought tends to be “Oh, I see, THIS is the way one should be working!”, and feel inclined to start right over again from scratch. So I suppose the good thing for me is that I’ve now seen so many different takes on online teaching  that I’m beginning to feel it’s okay to do it my way, too. My pictures, for instance, are kind of very Finnish in the sense that they are pretty functional, no nonsense kind of things – stark and heavily rectangular in style. My favourite font that I always revert to is Calibri, notwithstanding many attempts to try something else in order to lighten up the visualisation. But I suppose I am rather stark and rectangular myself, so that will remain my layout style, too.

It’s odd that when letting your mind go sort of on its own course, new ideas might suddenly pop up from nowhere, like it did just now while I was quietly ruminating on my rather single-minded visual perception.

During the last four to five years I’ve worked quite a lot with video in the classroom, not only having students watch video clips but also produce their own video presentations. One take, for instance, on this is combining still images and their own sound files into regular video files with the help of free software like Movie maker (I am definitely not a Mac person). Over the years I’ve done countless variations on this theme, but what if there could still be something haven’t tried? What if I could have students create stories in cartoon pictures with their own avatars, put together a string of single images and add sound with them telling the story? That might actually work, hmm… Not quite their own animations because there would absolutely not be time enough for that – but something in those lines, maybe…



Well, I need to save that thought, because now my brain can’t take any more computer screens for today. Good night!

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