Blended learning

blended learning defAttended a great webinar again today, this time with Andrew Wickham on “Teachers Teaching Online” at He has a long history of working with e-learning and subsequently blended learning. His presentation made a succinct distinction between the two, something I had previously had no idea about. I’m almost ashamed now of having used the wrong term so many times – difficult this with language changing all the time and all the effort and time you need to invest just to keep uptodate with the terminology. Even a few years make a whole lot of difference  when it comes to language; something that was positive yesterday might be totally out today. People keep complaining about the ever changing fashion industry, but this accelerating speed of change has really affected everything in our lives now.

But, as I said, it was a great presentation and I’m so happy I decided to join. In spite of the linguistic shame that I personally felt, I do feel inspired to continue on the road I’ve chosen and also got a lot of my teaching principles confirmed. So, thank you again, Andrew!

Namnlöst-16Here are Andrew’s links for resources to explore for anyone interested in testing blended learning with their classes:




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